Hi, I’m Aydın

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to learn about myself and the service I provide. My name is Aydın and I was born and raised in Istanbul. I’ve been practicing massage since 2022 and I have been providing to man and woman a more intimate and special type of massage also known as Lingam and Yoni, Erotic or Sensual.
​After undergoing a career change I decided not to follow this path. My passion is still to connect and work with people, but I found to be more related to using my hands and body in a therapeutic way which turned out to be a more meaningful journey.

I strive to empower man and woman to live a more positive and meaningful life. I do my absolute best to create a safe and inclusive space where the priority is caring for your safety and comfort. A place where you are encouraged and feel comfortable to share and being open about what you want your experience to look like, what you do want to include and not include, so we can together develop the most positive and meaningful sensual experience which is based on consent and prioritising your needs and desires.
I welcome all feelings and emotions. You may feel the need to cry or to laugh, you may reach orgasm or multiple orgasms (yet this is not the goal), you may discover places in your body you did not know it can create pleasure and positive sensations, you may learn new things about yourself. Each experience is unique as each client is a unique human being, with different desires, aspirations, life experiences and bodies which respond differently to touch. For more information please visit my Homepage

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